Here at Gopinion we have one purpose in life: help customers give their favorite businesses real-time feedback. When we came up with the idea for Gopinion we realized something: customer feedback is critical for any business to operate, but surveys are ineffective and have extremely low response rates.

Surveys are long (sometimes as many as 50 questions), boring, and they don’t even make sense. Seriously, what does “somewhat likely” even mean? And after you fill them out what do you get? Maybe entered into a sweepstakes to win some sort of a prize 6 months from now? What incentive do we have to help the businesses? Gopinion gives an answer to all these questions.

Gopinion uses a patented Micro-Survey™ questioning method for helping customers give feedback quickly, effectively and easily. Surveys take 30 seconds or less to complete and are only a few questions long. Not only are the surveys shorter, but also they are incentivized. Customers receive an instantly redeemable mobile reward for every survey they submit, no exceptions. The businesses get a steady flow of private, accurate, real-time data helping them to address operational problems quickly and understand the needs of their individual customers better. Customers get to share their thoughts with their favorite businesses easily without an uncomfortable confrontation, and get to earn rewards from not just the business they are visiting but also all the other Gopinion merchants.


At Gopinion, we believe in rewarding feedback.